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Come away for a moment on an imaginary trip…

Picture this…you’re sitting atop a horse, with your horse following closely, barely a nose length behind, the horse directly in front of him. There’s a horse immediately in front of that one and yet another preceding that one, and on and on they go…in a never-ending circle of noses and tails.

Your horse isn’t breathing with voluminous lungs or racing around the final turn. There’s no familiar clip-clopping of hooves…not even a whisper of a whinny. No, your horse is a work of art, a gorgeously painted creature, with accents of brightly colored swirls and curlicues, whose overall appearance radiates perpetual happiness.

Your beautiful horse is on a carousel, in an endless circle of other brightly painted horses in varying positions of galloping, trotting and cantering.

All the horses appear proud to carry their riders round and round in circles.

Your laughter mixes with the laughter of children as the calliope music plays in the center of the ornate merry-go-round.

Still laughing, you disembark from the carousel horse and stroll hand-in-hand with your granddaughters, down the piazza to the creamery for a sweet treat of homemade black raspberry custard.

The aroma of the creamery greets you before you even get to the entrance. Even the sugar cones are homemade and fresh, offering the slightest hint of warmth on your fingers.

Lingering over the black raspberry custard, you debate your next adventure… should you go watch a movie at the theater? Or maybe down to the gazebo at the square for some weekend people watching? Ah, okay, you’re outnumbered…the theater it is.

The theater is showing a Saturday cartoon series, giving you a great opportunity for some bonding time with the granddaughters. So you tell the girls about how you grew up watching cartoons on Saturday mornings on one of only three channels. After all, decades ago, that was your Saturday morning ritual.

The girls are delightfully appalled…“What? Only three channels!?“, before dissolving into gales of laughter.

When the cartoons are over, you leave the theater and head straight to the trolley stop, where a bright yellow trolley awaits to take you to the beach.

You walk outside to board the trolley, passing the doorman, resplendent in his top hat and tails.  He gives a slight bow to the girls, which of course elicits their inevitable giggles.

The rest of the day is gloriously spent in the sun and the sand …

the granddaughters walking beside you as you stroll down the beach, enjoying the smell of the ocean air, gentle waves lapping at your feet.

You really don’t want this day to end, do you?

Tell the truth…you’re having…the time of your life, right?

This is my vision. My mission. To make this experience the norm.

Welcome to the future world of nursing homes and senior housing.