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The Coronavirus Assault on Nursing Homes

The Coronavirus Assault on Nursing Homes

Throughout the decades I’ve served in healthcare, I’ve held various administrative roles for numerous facilities in multiple states, and reimagining and redesigning our long-term eldercare system has always been my mission. The need for a revolution in our nursing...

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RingMastered – Chapter 3: Now THAT’s Entertainment!

RingMastered – Chapter 3: Now THAT’s Entertainment!

Surprise! Guess what? You’re not in the healthcare business. Yes, you read that correctly. For emphasis, read it again… YOU ARE NOT IN THE HEALTHCARE BUSINESS. But wait! You’re likely thinking.... CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) surveys us with a...

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RingMastered – Chapter 1: The Pain of a Disruptor

RingMastered – Chapter 1: The Pain of a Disruptor

Have you ever seen anyone wrestle a tiger? Wrestling tigers is gnarly work. It doesn’t matter even when the wrestling is playful, the sheer size and strength of a full grown tiger can cause unintentional damage. Even though they may lull you into a place of cozy...

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RingMastered – Prologue: The Oldest Show on Earth

RingMastered – Prologue: The Oldest Show on Earth

The oldest show on earth! Coming soon! Come away for a moment on an imaginary trip... Picture’re sitting atop a horse, with your horse following closely, barely a nose length behind, the horse directly in front of him. There’s a horse immediately in front...

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No other speaker on earth brings such diverse business and wildly natural experiences to your keynote event! Elevated by breathtaking video, Dan communicates to your audience that being a leader is an endless journey striving for greater and greater summits!

Living life untamed and teaching leaders to lead unrivaled, Dan will infuse your attendees with the sacred bond between employee and company.

Questions You Should Ask Your Next Speaker Before You Hire Them

If you are booking a leadership speaker ask them:

  1. What organizations have you led?
  2. How large was the organization?
  3. How many employees were under your direction?

The practice of marketing, leadership and seniors housing is constantly evolving. At the end of the day you will get what you pay for. You can’t afford to hire a keynote speaker who doesn’t have current experience in the marketplace.

Dan Stockdale is the CEO of RingMastered, LLC. He is a PhD candidate intently researching the future of senior living, holds an MA in corporate communication and a BA in psychology. His unorthodox view of facility operations places entertainment and hospitality on equal footing with clinical operations. He has served in healthcare since 1979, is an LNHA in 7 states, has operated facilities under emergency permits in 2 additional states and is appointed by CMS as a Temporary Manager.

Dan’s keynote fee is $15,000 plus expenses. He travels from Miami.

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